Research Assistance Centres

Animal Facilities

The Animal house facility includes three units located in the Faculties of Biology and Medicine, (Moncloa campus) and one unit in the Faculty of Psychology (Somosaguas campus).
The units have rooms or sub-units for the breeding, development, maintenance and care of the different animal species required in the different research projects. The centre also has rooms for handling animals and processing samples. A controlled sanitary environment is maintained throughout the entire animal enclosure. The air enters the plant through HEPA filters located in the technical floor with a turnover of 15/hour and is blown out through a new filtration system. The established environmental conditions are those recommended for the housing of laboratory animals, a temperature range of 20-24 ºC and humidity of 55±10% .
Among the instruments at the Centre's disposal, the following are worthy of mention:
• Different types of cages for housing rats, mice, rabbits, birds and amphibians
• Positive pressure ventilated racks for keeping animals in sterile conditions
• Laminar flow cabinets
• Autoclave for materials;
• Washing tunnel
• Washing machines
• Bottle washing machines
• Inhalational anaesthesia equipment
• Drinking water filtration and sterilization system
Animal Facility Platform