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Bruker NEO 300MHz

The 300MHz equipment is intended for users who can perform their own experiments with the advice of the staff of the center, to access it, it is necessary to attend a training course given in our facilities by our technicians.
This equipment can perform experiments 1D and 2D, both manual and automatic to be equipped with an injector of 16 samples (Sample Xpress).
It is also equipped with the necessary accessories to carry out spectra at variable temperatures, with a range of +100ºC to - 60ºC, depending on the solvents and samples. For this purpose, it will be necessary to contact the personnel of the centre.


- Probe BBOF 5mm: 1H / 19F / BB, with Z-gradients

- QNP 5mm probe: 1H / 13C / 19F / 31P, with Z gradients
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