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Ultrafast Lasers Unit

The Center for Ultrafast Lasers (CLUR) of Universidad Complutense de Madrid is equiped with pulsed laser technologies with laser pulses in the femtosecond and nanosecond time scales. Using these laser technologies, it is possible to offer access to laser services for research at the frontier in chemistry, physics, biology and biomedicine and in material science, in research fields involving ultrafast lasers to investigate phenomena at the temporal scale where they happen (femtochemistry, femtophysics, femtobiology). Only with such an ultrashort time resolution it is possible to understand molecular change at the time scale where molecular processes occur, such as bond breaking and forming, molecular movements (vibration and rotation) or energy transfer, proton transfer and electron transfer processes of interest in chemistry and biology. The availability of ultraintense laser pulses makes it possible to study matter under strong electromagnetic fields where the processes of interest at a molecular level are dissociative ionization, Coulomb explosion and high order harmonic generation. In addition, the use of ultrafast laser pulses allows to have a photonic tool of high capabilities for materials microfabrication and nanostructured materials and thin film synthesis and modification. The possibility of pulse shaping is also relevant for the field of quantum control of physical and chemical processes and material science.

CLUR offers the possibility of custom made experiments and assays. The different nanosecond and femtosecond lasers available in combination with the additional instrumentation in the lab (molecular beams, time-of-flight mass spectrometry, ion and photoelectron imaging, time-resolved fluorescence, optics and optomechanics) and the availability of dedicated experts at CLUR allow for custom requested experimental setups and assays involving laser pulses. This way, CLUR is a unique laser installation offering access to researchers from many different areas of research in research projects involving instrumental developments.


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Ultrafast Lasers Unit
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