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Malvern PANalytical Multi-Purpose Diffractometer Empyrean Alpha1

Oriented to crystallographic analysis from polycrystalline samples, this diffractometer is built around a vertical goniometer with th-2th configuration equipped with a curved primary germanium monochromator prealigned for copper radiation. The Cu X-ray tube can be placed "before" or "after" this primary monochromator, so that the equipment is ready to work in both reflection and transmission mode with wavelength Ka1 or with wavelength Ka1 + a2. In this diffractometer, an alternative wavelength of an X-ray tube with Mo anode (Ka1 + a2) is available also for both transmission and reflection measurements.

In addition, the diffractometer incorporates optics for transmission measurements of capillaries and flat samples.

Available optics for theses working modes are:

Incident beam optics:

- programmable divergence slit
- BBHD optics for Cu radiation.
- focusing mirror Cu (provides focused beam on detector for Cu Ka1 and Ka1+a2 radiation)
- focusing mirror Mo (provides focused beam on detector for Mo Ka1+a2 radiation)

Diffracted beam optics:

- programmable anti-scatter
- fast detector !Der (1D)
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