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Panalytical Aχios spectrometer of wavelength dispersion (4Kw)

The main characteristics of the Aχios equipment are the following:

Range of analysis: Beryllium to uranium
Concentration range: from ppm to 100%
Sample form: solid, powder, liquids
Sample holder diameters: 6, 10, 20, 27, 32 and 37 mm
Excitation: Up to 4 kW
Specific components: 4 primary filters, 3 collimators, 5 analyzer crystals, flow and scintillation detectors
Gas for analysis of liquids or non-pressed powder: helium
Gas for the flow detector: CH4 / argon

Automated sample changer: The Aχios spectrometer from PANalytical has a sample changer that allows a flexible and automated handling of the samples.

Through FRX we can determine the chemical composition of all types of materials. The materials can be in solid, liquid or powder form.

The method is fast, accurate and non-destructive and usually only requires minimal sample preparation.

The applications are diverse and include metals, cements, fuels, polymers, plastics, mineralogy and geology. The FRX analyzes also allow the analysis of water and waste materials. The FRX technique is also widely used in research and pharmacy.

PANanalytical's Aχios spectrometer is a wavelength dispersion measurement system that allows the analysis of chemical elements from beryllium to uranium.

The precision and reproducibility of the analyzes by FRX is very high. Very precise results can be obtained if measurement standards are available (quantitative analysis). However, it is also possible to obtain good results if patterns are not available (semiquantitative analysis).
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