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PANalytical Multi-Purpose Diffractometer model X'Pert PRO MPD

PANalytical Multi-Purpose Diffractometer model X'Pert PRO MPD.

- Built around a goniometer in vertical th-th configuration (always shown in horizontal position) and Cu X-ray tube, and with different interchangeable sample holder platforms oriented mainly to thermodifraction measurements.

The available incident beam optics are:

- programmable gap of divergence (allows to work in fixed divergence or constant irradiated length)

The available diffracted beam optics are:

- X'Celerator rapid detector with the option of a flat secondary monochromator for Cu radiation.

The sample holder platforms available in this diffractometer are:

- simple shaft for powder samples
- device for rotation of samples ("spinner") for measurements by reflection. This device incorporates an automatic 15 positions changer.
- Anton Paar HTK2000 High Temperature Chamber
- Phenix Low Temperature Chamber from Oxford Cryosystems
CAI Chemical Technologies
X-ray Diffraction Unit