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PANalytical Multi-Purpose Diffractometer model X'Pert PRO MRD

Diffractometer oriented to the analysis of thin films, residual tensions and textures. It is built around a high resolution goniometer in horizontal configuration equipped with Cu X-ray tube and a Eulerian cradle as a sample holder platform.

The available incident beam optics modules are:

- Fixed divergence slit
- X-ray mirror
- Cross-slit spot focus collimator

The available diffracted beam optics are:

- programmable anti-scatter and reception slits with curved secondary monochromator and proportional Xe sealed detector
- Parallel beam collimator with flat secondary monochromator

The sample platform of this equipment is a Eulerian cradle with programmable movements of Phi, Psi, X, Y, Z.

In this diffractometer it is possible to carry out measurements of:

- Phase analysis on samples of different shapes and sizes.
- Thin films: phase analysis by grazing incidence measurements.
- X-ray reflectometry.
- Textures: measurement of pole figures and calculation of Orientation Distribution Functions.
- Residual stresses, both from Psi and Omega measurements.
- High-resolution reciprocal space maps with K-alpha1 primary monochromator.
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