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JEM 2000FX

The JEM 2000FX Transmission Microscope is used to carry out a preliminary study of the materials. It permits to obtain general information at a structural and compositional level that forms the basis for a more complete study in others microscopes of higher resolution. Due to its wide turning capacity (± 45 °), it is ideal for studying the reciprocal network. In addition, it is possible to obtain images of medium resolution (0.31 nm of structural resolution). On the other hand, this microscope is provided with an electron diffraction system by precession that permits to obtain the structural configuration by electron diffraction of crystals and nanocrystals.

Technical specifications
Acceleration voltaje 200kV.
LaB6 gun.
Point resolution 0.31 nm.
Double tilt goniometer: ± 45o C, Straining Holder.
Spinning Star diffraction system and diffractometer for acquisition of the diffracted intensity.
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