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BIOIMAC to implement preclinical PET/MR by 2023


Next 2-ring PET Insert (SiPM) at BioImaC

BioImaC has been awarded in the 2021 call for the acquisition of scientific-technical equipment, from the State Research Agency, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. Thus, it will receive NextGeneration EU funding for the acquisition of a PET Insert equipped with state-of-the-art silicon detectors (SiPM) compatible with high magnetic fields, which will allow the simultaneous acquisition of PET/MRI images in mice and rats.

The technological improvement offered by the new insert will combine the high precision of PET quantification with the exquisite morphological detail of MRI images. In short, with this acquisition, preclinical PET/MR will be implemented at BioImaC, thus taking advantage of the large and unique calibre of the new MRI scanner, 9.4T-30cm, which BioImaC will be equipped with.

Furthermore, this technical solution will be installed close to the cyclotron functionally linked to BioImaC, and within an environment with highly experienced bioimaging technicians, thus ensuring an immediate start of the combined PET/MR service.