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Second call for free access to BioImaC's "ICON 1T" equipment


Open the Second Call of 2023 to apply for free or low cost(*) access to the "ICON 1T" equipment of the ICTS Bioimaging Complutese (BioImaC)


The ICTS Distributed Biomedical Imaging Network (ReDIB) has just published its SECOND CALL 2023 (open call from March 1 to April 15, 2023) for applications for Competitive Open Access (AAC) to Essential Infrastructures, offering very advantageous conditions for its users.


As an integrated node in this ICTS, Bioimagen Complutense (BioImaC) offers in this call, at low cost (*) or zero cost, up to 45 hours of access to the ICON-1T NMR equipment, to be distributed among all the applications that are admitted.

The rules established to benefit from these advantageous conditions of AAC to the ICON-1T equipment are the following:

  • The deadline for the submission of AAC applications has a fixed duration, which must be strictly adhered to. Outside this period, only requests for experiments in the usual Access on Demand (AaD) mode will be accepted, and the rates in force for this non-subsidized mode will then be applied.
  • The AAC request must be made through the ReDIB website, in the link at the bottom of this page.
  • For the approval of AAC applications received on time, they must have a technical feasibility report (availability of resources and methods, work scheduling, etc.) issued by the ICTS node where such access is intended to be carried out. For this reason, it is advisable that, before sending requests for experiments at BioImaC, researchers contact the technical managers of this center, through the phone numbers and e-mails in the STAFF and CONTACT tabs of this website.
  • Technically viable applications will be evaluated by the ReDIB Access Committee based on criteria of scientific-technical quality of the application or project, quality of the research team, timeliness/impact of the proposal and urgency/urgence of the requested access. For this purpose, a rubric evaluation system will be used, as described in Annex 1 of the ReDIB Access Committee Regulations.
  • Applications corresponding to R&D projects funded in competitive concurrence by European or national R&D administration or funding agency will be considered to meet the minimum quality required at the outset and will therefore be automatically approved.
  • Each approved application will receive a priority index of access to the equipment, which will be calculated from the scores given by the evaluators of the Access Committee. This index will reflect, in percentage terms, the value of the score given to each application with respect to the sum of the scores of all the approved applications. Therefore, it is highly recommended that applicants provide in the APPLICATION FORM sufficient reasons and justification for obtaining the best individual score and, therefore, the highest prioritization of their access proposal.
  • The allocation of access times for each of the applications approved in each call will be made by applying the mentioned priority index to the number of access hours requested.



(*) Consumables (contrast agents, anesthesia, radiotracers, etc.) are not included and will be billed separately.


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