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Upgrade of the GC-Q-MS mass spectrometer with a sample PYROLYZER at the Mass Spectrometry Unit of the Complutense University of Madrid.


In April 2022, a pyrolyzer model EGA/PY-3030D from Frontiers was installed in the Mass Spectrometry Unit of the UCM. This equipment allows the analysis of almost all types of samples, including insoluble materials and compounds that cannot be analyzed in any other way. In this method, the sample is thermally degraded (pyrolysis) into small fragments that are analyzed by GC-Q-MS.

This equipment extends the service of the Mass Spectrometry Unit since it allows the characterization of polymeric materials, microplastics and toxic additives in the environmental field, pigments and other components of samples related to artistic and cultural heritage, degradation and useful life of polymeric materials used in manufacturing processes, etc., without the need for sample preparation.