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Norbert Marcel Nemes
Head of CAI Physical Technologies
PhD (University of Pennsylvania, 2002)
Norbert M Nemes, PhD (Profesor Titular - Associate Professor in Applied Physics since 2017) is an internationally recognized expert in thermoelectricity. He obtained his MSc equivalent in Eotvos University, Budapest (1997) and PhD in Physics in the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (2002). He joined the NIST Center for Neutron Research to work on a project with the Federal Highway Administration using quasi elastic neutron scattering. He then moved to the ICMM-CSIC with Dr. Mar Garcia Hernandez with a Juan de la Cierva fellowship to study magnetoelectric coupling. He obtained a Ramon y Cajal Grant to incorporate in the group of Prof. Jacobo Santamaria at the UCM in 2008 to study complex oxide interfaces. He was employed as Profesor Contratado Doctor in 2013 and then tenured as Profesor Titular in 2017. He is Director of the Research Support Laboratory (CAI) of Magnetometry, Cryogenics and High Pressure Synthesis and is responsible for two technicians and 5 high value instruments. Since 2014 he collaborates on thermoelectric materials closely with Jose Luis Martinez and Jose Antonio Alonso in the ICMM, where he retains an associated position (Doctor Vinculado). Norbert M Nemes is an experimental solid state physicist with broad experience both in terms of materials systems and physical phenomena, as well as experimental techniques. He worked on alkali fullerides, single walled carbon nanotubes, Portland cement, complex oxide hetero-interfaces, and intermetallic alloys to study quasi-1D electronic systems, superconductivity, multiferroicity, and thermoelectricity using electron spin resonance, x-ray diffraction, infrared spectroscopy, neutron scattering, magnetotransport, and thermal transport. Norbert M Nemes published >100 scientific papers (WoS) in peer reviewed journals, mostly Q1 (h-index=22), gave >30 talks at international conferences including 6 invited, and numerous invited research seminars. He directed 2 PhD theses (one finished in 2013, the other expected in 2022) and 7 M.Sc. theses. He is Section-chief editor responsible for applied physics in the journal Physics (MDPI) and member of the Editorial Board of the journal Coatings (MDPI) since 2017, with 14 editorial acts. He is very active in refereeing (>150 recorded in Publons) for numerous journals. He acted as reviewer for several national projects in Spain and other countries.
José Manuel Gallardo Amores
Technician of Magnetometry and Cryogenics Unit
Julio Romero de Paz
Technician of Magnetometry and Cryogenics Unit
PhD in Chemistry, Complutense University of Madrid
Partner professors
Regino Sáez Puche
Partner professor of Magnetometry and Cryogenics Unit
PhD in Chemistry, Complutense University of Madrid