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FTIR microscope

Fully integrated FTIR microscope and spectrometer for better performance.
Characteristics of the FTIR spectrometer:
- Dynamic alignment and high speed interferometer, up to 10 scans per second at 16 cm-1,
- KBr beam-splitter for medium infrared.
- Two detectors: DTGS-KBr and refrigerated MCT-A (high sensitivity, spectral range 7800-650 cm-1).
- Maximum resolution 0.4 cm-1.
Characteristics of the microscope:
- Measurement modes in reflection, transmission and micro-ATR.
- Cassgrain objetives 15X 0.7 NA.
- Optical image with CCD camera with resolution 1027x768.
- XYZ motorized high speed stage with 7x12.7 cm travel. Ultra-fast image or mapping mode.
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