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Multi-purpose diffractometer PANalytical model X'Pert MPD

Equipped with Cu X-ray tube and two goniometers in vertical th-2th configuration, with Bragg-Brentano optics (fixed slits, curved secondary monochromator and proportional Xe sealed detector). In addition, one of the goniometers permanently incorporates a second beam optics diffracted to work in a parallel beam consisting of parallel beam collimator of 0.27 ° acceptance, flat graphite monochromator and proportional Xe sealed detector. The sample holder platform installed in the double optics goniometer is a multi-purpose platform. In the second goniometer an additional multi-purpose platform is installed. This diffractometer allows conventional phase analysis and thin films using the grazing incidence technique. In addition, X-ray reflectometry measurements can be performed.
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X-ray Diffraction Unit