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UDRX_Powder x ray diffraction in reflection mode in high temperature camera

Reference: UDRX_31_02 Termodifracción AT reflexión
Category: Sección de Difracción de Policristal
X ray powder diffraction measurements with controlled temperature.

The equipment used is a Panalytical X'Pert PRO MPD diffractometer with Th-Th goniometer (horizontal not moving sample).

The high temperature camera is an Anton Paar HTK2000 with platinum heating filament. It is ready to work with air, vacuum and other atmospheres as N2.

This setting is used to follow the evolution of samples with temperature: phase transitions, dehydration or decomposition reactions, etc.
Ref.: Medida 1 hora
User type: UCM
Amount: 12,50€
Charging unit: < 1 hour
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