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JSM 6400

The scanning electron microscope JSM 6400 is especially suitable for the observation of the surface of materials (geological, chemical-physical, etc...) and biological samples, with the possibility of performing semi-quantitative analysis to obtain a compositional approximation of the materials. The distribution of elements and phases can be obtained through the use of backscattered electrons in the study of materials.

Especificaciones técnicas:
Thermionic cathode electron gun with tungsten filament.
Secondary electron detector:
Image Resolution
At 25 KV: 3.5 nm (at 8 mm working distance).
10.0 nm (at 39 mm working distance).
Backscattered electron detector:
Image Resolution
10.0 nm (at 8 mm working distance).
EDS analysis: elementary qualitative analysis with a resolution of 133 eV.
Preparation of samples for scanning microscopy:
Materials: metallization with gold or evaporation with graphite.
Critical point.
Evaporation with graphite and / or metallization with gold.
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