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This microscope is especially suitable for the structural and analytical nano-characterization of materials due to it has a field-emitting electron gun (FEG) that permits the obtaining of very intense electron beams of sub-nanometric size up to 0.2 nm. In addition to the XEDS analyzer, it is equipped with a Gatan energy filter (GIF) that allows the obtaining of electron energy loss spectra (EELS), providing qualitative and quantitative information on light elements, oxidation states of metallic cations and even to determinate the chemical bonds between atoms. In addition, the energy filter allows the obtaining of chemical maps with spatial resolution up to 1 nm even for light elements such as boron, nitrogen or oxygen. Due to the fine beam size and its high intensity, this analytical information can be obtained even in sub-nanometric areas.

Technical specifications:
Acceleration voltaje 200kV.
Schottky emission gun.
Point resolution: 0.24 nm; Minimum beam size: 0.2 nm.
XEDS (type EDAX DX-4).
EELS spectrometer: GIF 200 with 0.7 eV energy resolution. EFTEM filter system.
Double tilt analytical cooling GATAN holder (-170o C).
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