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The use of the JXA-8900M Electron Probe Micro Analyzer is a non-destructive technique that allows to carry out elemental analysis on perfectly polished surfaces up to one micron diameter. The equipment has 5 wavelength dispersion spectrometers (5 channels), which allow to cover a detection range of elements from beryllium to uranium, excluding noble gases and technetium. The capability of the software allows analysis of 27 elements in a relatively short period of time depending on the measurement conditions to be used in each case. It has detectors of images in the mode of secondary electrons, backscattered and topography.

What can be done with it?
Qualitative analysis with semi-quantitative estimation.
Quantitative analysis with patterns from Be to U.
Compositional profiles (graphic and with semi-quantitative interpretation) with a pixelated from 0.1 microns.
Compositional areas (graphic and with semi-quantitative interpretation) with a pixelated from 0.1 micron.

Technical specifications:
Detectable elements Be a U.
Range of the spectrometers from 0.087 to 9.3 nm.
Maximum stage speed 2 mm / s.
Acceleration voltage 0.2 to 40 kv.
Current stability + 2 x 10-3 hours.
Resolution in secondary of 6 nm (WD 11 mm to 35 kv).
Backscatter detector (topography and composition).
Maximum sample size 100x100 mm.
Analysis area 80x90 mm.
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