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BioImaC has participated in the Science and Innovation Week held in Madrid from 6 to 19 November 2023


Event of scientific dissemination and citizen participation

XXIII Edition of this event organised by the Regional Ministry of Science, Universities and Innovation of the Community of Madrid through the Foundation for Knowledge madri+d.

Its main objective is to actively involve citizens in research and development processes in science, technology and innovation.

BioImaC has organised yet another year, in its research centre located in the Pluridisciplinary Institute of the UCM, in Pº Juan XIII nº 1, a technical conference open to the University Students, Diagnostic Imaging Students (VET), High School students and public.

The call for participation made by BioImaC has been very well attended, with a number of applications far in excess of the available capacity.

Two open days were held on 6 and 13 November, with a duration of 3 hours each and a total attendance of 60 participants from two Higher Vocational Training Centres of Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine.

For applicants who have not obtained a vacancy in Science Week 2023, BioImaC offers to schedule arranged technical visits through its website:

"Application for group visits to BioImagen Complutense"