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BioImaC will be equipped with a new high-field imaging equipment: 9.4 Teslas - 30 cm.


Technological updating and renewal of equipment at BioImagen Complutense (BioImaC)

BioImaC has been a beneficiary of the 2021 call of the Ministry of Science and Innovation for Public Aid for Singular Scientific and Technical Infrastructures, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. Thus, it will receive NextGeneration EU funding for the acquisition of a high-field MRI imaging equipment, 9.4 Teslas and 30 cm tunnel diameter. This is a high-resolution in vivo magnetic resonance imaging system for 2D and 3D spectroscopy and imaging for morphological, functional and molecular studies in experimental animals.

This equipment has technological characteristics significantly superior to those of the equipment currently available at BioImaC (4.7 T - 40 cm), which will represent a major technological advance that will allow this ICTS node to address new challenges in the field of preclinical imaging, as well as contribute to improving the possibilities and resolution of images and/or spectra in vivo.

The new high-field equipment will be housed in a newly built module located in the same premises of the Pluridisciplinary Institute, where BioImaC is based.

Initially, the commissioning of this new equipment is planned for the first quarter of 2023.