ICTS Complutense Bioimaging

Research Assistance Centres

UCM centralises its biomedical imaging resources in BioImaC Infrastructure


BioImaC is included in the structure of CAIS of the UCM as ICTS BIOIMAGEN COMPLUTENSE

On 29 June the Governing Council of the Complutense University of Madrid approved the modification of the structure of its Research Assistance Centres (CAI), including BioImaC under the form and name of ICTS BioImagen Complutense.

BioImaC is constituted with the main objective of facilitating, promoting and making profitable the use of the unique and cutting-edge technological resources of the UCM in the field of advanced biological imaging (morphological, functional and molecular), centralising its investments and its highly qualified personnel in a large infrastructure.

BioImaC brings together resources, equipment and services dedicated to research and technological development in the field of biomedical imaging applied to animal and preclinical research, offering the scientific, technological and industrial community cutting-edge services and benefits.

BioImaC brings together the following Complutense facilities and resources:

Set of major investments in MRI and PET equipment for preclinical imaging, as well as highly qualified technical staff, who attend these infrastructures and advise on their use.

Diagnostic Imaging Service of the Hospital Clínico Veterinario Complutense with scientific-technical capacity/equipment for preclinical imaging on large animals.

Supply of short-lived PET radiotracers in the central area of our national geography, by means of an agreement with a private company (i.e., Curium Pharma Spain S.A.) that facilitates ICTS access to the Cyclotron and the radiopharmacy unit that this company has located on the Complutense campus.