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Visits in the first four-month period of 2023 to Bioimagen Complutense (BioImaC)


Significant increase in the attraction of researchers and students to BioImaC's activities.

In 2023, the interest of researchers and students in the activity carried out by BioImaC, a node of the Distributed ICTS ReDIB integrated in the Map of Singular Scientific and Technical Infrastructures of our country along with twenty-seven other ICTS, has increased considerably.

The ICTS are unique and exceptional facilities of their kind, in which cutting-edge research of the highest quality is carried out, and which act as centres for the transmission, exchange and preservation of knowledge, technology transfer and the promotion of innovation.

During the first four-month period of 2023, BioImaC has received a total of 76 students from different backgrounds:

- Autonomous University of Madrid. Master's Degree in Applied Chemistry. Day 22.03.2023

- Francisco de Vitoria University. Day Degree in Biotechnology. 13.04.2023

- Complutense University of Madrid. Innova-Docencia Project of the Faculties of Biological Sciences and Chemical Sciences. Day 20.04.2023

- European University of Madrid. Higher Degree in Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine. 24.04.2023

The visits take place on working days, last approximately two hours and require an appointment to set a date and time. To make an appointment, please send an Application Form to the e-mail address bioimac@ucm.es or contact BioImaC.