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The JEM 3000F transmission electron microscope offers excellent features for high-resolution work. Its achievable inter-point resolution (0.17 nm) combined with a ± 25 ° sample turn gives this equipment a great potential for structural analysis and characterization of materials. It has a STEM unit and high and low angle dark field detectors (HAADF and LAADF). From the analytical point of view has coupled an XEDS detector and an ENFINA spectrometer. The joint use of these spectrometers together with the STEM unit and the associated dark field detectors allow to carry out chemical characterization at the atomic level.

Technical specifications
Acceleration voltage 300 kV.
Schottky emission gun.
Point resolution 0.17 nm (TEM mode).
CCD camera (1K x 1K).
ENFINA spectrometer for EELS.
Stem system with HAADF detector.
Goniometer: double tilt: ±25o.
Beryllium double tilt goniometer from GATAN.
ICTS Microscopy