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JEM ARM300CFEG: with corrected aberration in objective lens

The GRAND ARM300cFEG transmission electron microscope, equipped with an aberration correction on the objective lens, complements the JEM ARM200cF microscope also available at CNME-ELECMI facilities. While the latter is specially designed to obtain atomic resolution at the compositional level, the GRAND ARM300cFEG is designed to obtain structural atomic resolution of 0.5 Å. This allows solving complex crystallographic problems at the atomic level as well as those network distortions or presence of point defects that modify the properties of the materials, besides it permits the visualization of small atoms such as H and Li.

The configuration of this microscope allows working at even lower voltages: 60 KV. This is crucial for the research of new electronic materials: polymeric and organic based hybrids that are currently experiencing high interest in the development of optical antennas, LEDS, solar cells and transistors.
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