Research Assistance Centres

CAI Biological Techniques

The characterization of both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, the main units of life, and of their molecular components is a major objective of Biology and Biomedicine. Currently, the technical approaches that allow the acquisition of this knowledge can be summarized in those based on images and those that use molecular characterizations based on genomic or proteomic techniques.

For many years, the Complutense University (UCM) has provided the technical and human means to ensure the research in the above mentioned scientific fields to its scientists and those from other public and private Institutions. Firstly, three independent centres named Centre of Genomics, Centre of Proteomics and Centre of Cytometry and Fluorescence Microscopy, were created. Recently, on the basis of the common objectives of the three Centres, the authorities of UCM have decided their administrative fusion in a single centre named Centre of Biological Techniques that includes three specific Units. Scientists will continue receiving scientific support in the above mentioned fields from each Unit, whose web sites can be accessed through the following links.