Research Assistance Centres

CAI Earth Sciences and Archeometry

The three units that make up the CAI of Earth Sciences and Archaeometry have more than 20 years of experience in supporting the research of numerous national and international research groups in the scientific areas of geology, archaeological and environmental, etc. as well as related companies.

All three units are certified by SGS according to ISO 9001:2015 STANDARD.

The technicians who work in this centre have the highest qualification for the work they do.

The Geological Techniques Unit is a centre equipped with numerous scientific equipment that allows the study of any type of material (organic, inorganic, natural, symptomatic) and in any state (solid, liquid and gas).

The Geochronology Unit is a laboratory with TIMS technology for the isotopic analysis of geological and environmental materials.

The Archaeometry and Archaeological Analysis Unit carries out geophysical surveys with georadar, aerial photogrammetry and 3D scans for research, documentation and protection of the Archaeological and Cultural Heritage.

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